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Rent a villa in Dubrovnik Riviera
If you are looking for a villa to rent in the riviera of Dubrovnik you will find it on this page.

Dubrovnik, this famous Adriatic pearl, the town under the UNESCO protection,
and its Riviera from our selection of accommodation.


Rent a villa in Dubrovnik Riviera


Traveling through Croatia, Dalmatia or Dubrovnik Region offers immense and rich experiences to every visitor. From the coastal to the continental parts, Croatia’s rich cultural heritage, combined with its magnificent natural beauties, make it the perfect place to spend your vacation at.

The total land area of Croatia amounts to 56.610 km.sq / 35.336 sq.mi., with a population of approximately 4.9 million. It features a total land border of 1.778 km (1.110 mi.) stretching from the historic city of Dubrovnik in the South to the ancient Roman city of Pula in the North, encompassing a 1.278 km (789 mi.) section of the Adriatic Sea. Spread like pearls along the coast, Croatia’s 1.185 islands provide a magical paradise to be experienced and explored.
Croatia mapThe capital of Croatia is Zagreb, a charming medieval city of exceptional beauty known for its spirit and architecture, with a population of approximately 1 million. The city with a tradition of almost one thousand years celebrated in 1994 its 900th birthday. Over the years, Zagreb has become the scientific, political and economic center of Croatia.
The uniqueness of Croatia lies in its diversity. Situated between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, Croatia provides visitors with the opportunity to ski in the winter and swim during the summer months, all within driving distance. With its 1.185 islands, islets and reefs, it is the most diverse coast on the Mediterranean.

Whether traveling by land or sea along Croatia’s shoreline, you are guaranteed a voyage of spectacular scenery and breathtaking views. The bare mountains running like a spine down the coast, the translucent Adriatic and the picturesque towns are surrounded by more than a thousand islands anchored offshore. The fact that most of these islands are uninhabited make them the ideal destination for those who want to get away from the crowds.

There are many offers on cheap flights from most European cities if you should wish to visit. The price of internal flights in Croatia is sometimes cheaper than taking a train or bus.

Croatia is rapidly improving its road infrastructure. Croatia is integrated into the European road marking system. European roads have the mark “E” and highway roads “M”.
The most picturesque route in Croatia is considered to be the Adriatic highway (Jadranska magistrala) which connects Rijeka and Dubrovnik.

Getting around Croatia and Dubrovnik by ferry is both efficient and maddening as you try to figure out the ferry schedule, check out the ferry timetables for Dubrovnik and Croatia.

ARRIVAL by plane
Traveling by plane is a convinient and comfortable way to visit Dubrovnik. Many European companies have regular flights to Zagreb and from there the Croatian national carrier, Croatian Airlines, provides regular flights to Dubrovnik and other destinations within Croatia. The airport nearby Dubrovnik is called Čilipi Airport and is located about 22 km from Dubrovnik and about 3km from Cavtat. If you are arriving on a regular flight, there are regular buses departing from the airport to Dubrovnik. Travel time is around 25-30 minutes.
When traveling from Dubrovnik, the departures of the regular shuttle buses from the main bus terminal are 90 minutes before the estimated takeoff time.

AIRPORT DUBROVNIK, Flights and timetables, web:
CROATIA AIRLINES, Dubrovnik Airport, Terminal A
Tel: +385 20 77 32 32, Fax: +385 20 77 22 40, e-mail: Open: Mon – Sun: 05.00 – 20.00
web:, e-mail:
For reservations and booking call: 062 777 777


AERLINGUS, Irish flag carrier that operates a single low fare route between Dubrovnik and Dublin… home page

BRITISH AIRWAYS, London Gatwick to Dubrovnik… home page

ESTONIAN AIR, TAllin to Dubrovnik… home page

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HAPAG LLOYD EXPRESS, Dubrovnik to Stuttgart and Hannover… home page

LONDON (Gatwick) – Tue. 14.30, Thu. 16.35, Sun. 8.30
PARIS – Sun. 15.40
ROME – Tue. 16.15, Sat. 17.15
VIENA – Thu., Sat., Sun. 15.20, Fri. 16.50
LONDON (Gatwick) – Tue. 17.00, Thu. 19.00, Sun. 11.05
PARIS – Sun. 18.55
ROME – Tue. 18.10, Sat. 19.10
VIENA – Thu., Sat., Sun. 13.15, Fri. 19.05


Traveling by car is a great way to visit Dubrovnik, because it gives you the freedom to explore Dubrovnik Region as well. There are numerous places and towns to be seen and a variety of things to be done. If you plan to stay in a hotel, private accommodation or camp you might experience parking difficulties in Dubrovnik due to limited parking spaces available. If you are concerned about this issue, check with your accommodation provider, esspecialy if the accommodation unit is located in or around the Old Town of Dubrovnik.
Exploring the Dubrovnik Region is a great way to enrich your travel experience. Regular public transportation will take you to most places worth seeing. Sometimes it is wise to buy tickets in advance, depending on where you wish to go. Ask your host, tourist information offices or at the main bus terminal in Gru for more information. Timetables for regular bus lines and to destinations most interesting to tourists are here.

Gas stations are generally open from 7 am to 7 or 8 PM every day; in the summer season, working hours are extended until 10 PM. On-duty Gas Stations in bigger cities and on main international roads are open 24 hours. All pumps sell Eurosuper 95, Super 98, Normal and Eurodiesel. In Dubrovnik there are at least one or two gas stations who are open all night. For the directory with the addresses of gas stations in and around Dubrovnik click here.
more info at INA – gas stations, gas prices

Driving distances from/to Dubrovnik
Amsterdam – 2061 km (1277 miles) Lisbon – 3470 km (2151 miles)
Athens – 1282 km (794 miles) London – 2295 km (1422 miles)
Barcelona – 2173 km (1347 miles) Luxembourg – 1748 km (1083 miles)
Berlin – 1799 km (1115 miles) Madrid – 2820 km (1748 miles)
Bern – 1404 km (870 miles) Marseilles – 1635 km (1013 miles)
Bonn – 1791 km (1110 miles Milan – 1128 km (699 miles)
Brussels – 1963 km (1217 miles) Munich – 1223 km (758 miles)
Copenhagen – 2479 km (1536 miles) Oslo – 3067 km (1901 miles)
Dublin – 2724 km (1688 miles) Paris – 2075 km (1286 miles)
Helsinki – 3275 km (2030 miles) Rome – 1377 km (853 miles)
Istanbul – 1435 km (887 miles) Stockholm – 3110 km (1928 miles)
Vienna – 1151 km (713 miles) Zurich – 1200 km (780 miles)