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ME131 St.Stefan Apartments with swimming pool

St.Stefan villa Apartments with swimming pool
Apartment with swimming pool St.Stefan

Villa Villa St.Stefan is situated in the centre of the settlement of Sveti Stefan, surrounded with the Mediterranien flora 200 meters to the beautiful sandy beach.

Villa provides many facilities such as large swimming pool, mini hydro massage pool, sauna, parking lot specially reserved for guests

Parking on the street in front of our house.
Market is at our villa in the street level.
Restaurants, pizzerias and cafes are next to us at a distance of 20-50m left and right.
Guests have access to the Internet.

Apartments facilities include air condition, cable tv, bathroom, internet, mini kitchens.
Guests can enjoy beautiful views of the town and olive garden from the large terraces and balconies.






4 x Double studio, Double bedroom with kitchen, bathroom and terrace
4 x Three-bedded apartment, Double bedroom, third bed in living room, kitchen, bathroom and terrace
2 x Four-bedded apartments, Two double bedroom, kitchen with dining room, bathroom and terrace
1 x Five-bedded apartment, two double bedrooms, fifth bed in living room, kitchen, bathroom and terrace

ME131 St.Stefan Villa
Apartments with swimming pool

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Apartment with swimming pool St.Stefan

Apartment 12 St.Stefan Villa with swimming pool

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Apartment 12 A St.Stefan Villa with swimming pool

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Apartment 14 St.Stefan Villa with swimming pool

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Apartment 15 St.Stefan Villa with swimming pool

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Apartment 16 St.Stefan Villa with swimming pool

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PENTHOUSE St.Stefan Villa with swimming pool

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 Apartment with swimming pool St.Stefan

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