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Montenegro Villa with swimming pool

Montenegro Villa with swimming pool



Montenegro Villa Additional Services:

On this beautiful beach there is a Complex with pools, restaurants, zoo garden, tennis court and other recreational contents.
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Entrance to the complex is charged (admission ticket 2 euro). With the ticket you get a free drink next to the pool or on the beach of the complex, free use of pool and deckchairs, visit of the zoo…

2 euro price is valid for the season 2013. In case of change of the price for season 2014 you will be timely informed on our web site.

On the other end of the beach (on the right side) there are cafes with their own beach and the pool (entrance free).
From the middle side of the beach during the season, small ships by which you may visit near places and beaches from the sea sail every day (an average price of the ship owner is 5 euro per person).